Auto Glass Replacement

Invest in Your Safety on the Road

Invest in Your Safety on the Road

Don't put off your auto glass replacement in Atlanta, GA

Has a spray of gravel or a car accident left you with cracks in your windshield? Get off the highway as soon as possible and head to Paint Genius for auto glass replacement services. Our auto shop in Atlanta, GA has decades of experience and always does quality work. Having your windshield replaced may be an inconvenience, but it will keep you safer on the road and reduce your risk of having an accident.

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Sometimes cracks in your windshield are beyond repair and require auto glass replacement services. Paint Genius will determine the best solution when you visit our shop in Atlanta, GA.

The need for a windshield replacement is usually determined by:

  • Where the crack is located
  • The size and depth of the crack
  • The number of cracks involved

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