Auto Interior Repair

Fix Up the Inside of Your Vehicle

Fix Up the Inside of Your Vehicle

Bring your car to us for interior repair in Atlanta, GA

Has your car's interior been damaged? Restore it with Genius Auto Group. Our interior repair services can fix your vehicle up right away. You'll be ready for your next road trip in no time.

You can count on us to take care of:

  • Carpet dyeing and repair
  • Console and dashboard repair
  • Leather and vinyl restoration

Call 404-275-1882 today to request our interior repair work in Atlanta, GA.

When you need auto interior repair, come to us

It's hard to focus on driving when your car is in poor shape. We'll take care of auto interior repair so you don't have to worry. Our full services include everything from patching up your carpeting to repairing your seats. We can fix busted door panels and broken armrests.

Contact us now to learn more about auto interior repair in Atlanta, GA.